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Patricia Burns
Patricia Burns
18:09 20 Aug 20
First of all she should receive 5 stars in regard toeverything she does!On one occasion I had an appointment to have 3of my teeth removed bottom row front. I had anticipated that it would really be hurtful due toplacement in my mouth. Dr. Garcia was preparedwith a syringe of nova Caine and placed the firstinjection in the back of my mouth. Then she stopped and I asked her about what she had done. She answered that she was waiting for that firstinjection to work (nerve block) and then she would proceed.After a short wait time she injected each of the 3 teeth and I felt no pain. I knew that she worked with the 3 teeth because she put the syringe ineach one; but no pain like I had thought there would be. I was so relieved.When I go to her office for any procedures I am relaxed because she “filled” me in (that was a joke)on what she was going to do and that helps withany anxiety I may have built up.I’ve gone to many dentists in my life and now I havetype 2 diabetes. I’m losing many teeth and Dr.Garcia has recommended a flip which fits overexisting teeth. I am very pleased with the way theprocedures are going for this and would be happyto talk to anyone who is considering this. Dr. Garcia will always be my dentist.
Claudia Trepanier
Claudia Trepanier
20:59 26 Jun 20
I have been visiting Dr Garcia-Lepore for years now, I have not had a dentist like her, she is considerate of your fears if you have any (I am one of those patients) she is thorough and does a fantastic job. She Pays attention to detail, and only wants your smile to be the best. She makes you feel comfortable and she has a sense of humor. Dr Garcia-Lepore is THE BEST.
Belinda Angulo
Belinda Angulo
17:01 24 Jun 20
Dr. Garcia is the BEST!!!!! She is so amazing and caring of her patients. She always makes sure that her patients are comfortable at all times. I personally start to panic and get anxiety due to previous experiences that i have had with other dentists. Dr. Garcia can always tell when I get anxious and she always soothes me and calms me down. Due to her amazing care of myself and my husband I have highly recommended her to family and friends and they love her as well. She is truly wonderful and HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend. O and a bonus I suffer from chapped lips (especially in the winter), in her office they are constantly applying Vaseline on your lips to not break your lips and cause them to bleed. Who thinks of doing that, Dr. Garcia does! Also her assistants are very nice and helpful. I love this whole practice.
Timese Sizer
Timese Sizer
14:38 22 May 20
Definitely recommend! I can tell by my one visit, that Dr. Violeta’s dentistry is Top Tier. I came in during the covid-19 pandemic and was extremely nervous however Dr.Violeta and her lovely receptionist/assistant provided superior customer service and support! I hate getting my teeth and mouth examined however it’s a necessity that we can’t get away from, with that being said I’m confident in Dr.Violeta’s work and look forward to my next appointment. I also plan to have my baby come see this specialist! The most trustworthy experience I’ve had in a while.
Bria Mastro
Bria Mastro
20:28 05 Mar 20
I was a patient at another dentist and they told me my teeth were going to be like they were because there's nothing else I could do about them. I couldn't chew properly and my breathing was poor through my nose. I snored like crazy and could only use about 4 teeth to chew on. I switched by recommendation to Dr. Garcia-Lepore and immediately her and her staff saw what my concerns were. I ended up needed jaw surgery! It has been 6 months from my surgery, my teeth are great, my breathing has improved, and if it wasn't for her and her staff... I would still be with a dentist who was disregarding my concern for my health and I'd be suffering still.Dr. Garcia-Lepore and her staff make me feel like I'm safe, cared for, and welcomed to be there. They are friendly and make me feel like I'm coming to hang out... I don't feel stressed, I don't feel like I'm in some sterile, cold, creepy environment... It's comfortable, simple, and easy to talk with them and be cared for while there. I recommend everyone to give her office a call, you will NOT be disappointed. I PROMISE.
Saif Aldhafeeri
Saif Aldhafeeri
18:36 11 Oct 19
It is the best dental clinic I have been to .. Rochester in cooperation with patients and excellent performance .. Accuracy in work and speed in excellent achievement .. Unexpected change and brilliant achievement .. In changing my smile for the most beautiful in a short period of time .. With beautiful treatment of the staff and kindness And love in their face fluency
Richard Kroll
Richard Kroll
02:42 10 May 19
This is a state of the art, high-tech dental office, run by people. The degree of artistry is outstanding, and the technological wonders of the office are truly impressive. I had a crown measured made and fitted in hours. It used to take weeks. The Doctor and the staff are well-trained, friendly and efficient. I’ve been going to dentists my entire life, but Dr. Garcia Lepore is simply at the top and a leader in her field.
Kim Jenkins
Kim Jenkins
16:39 05 Apr 19
I was very depressed about my smile. I went to two dentists before going to Violeta Garcia-Lepore and was not pleased, I was treated like a number not a patient. My first office visit was so pleasant, I was greeted with a smile by her receptionist and staff. I immediately felt comfortable. After my examination Violeta explained my options clearly and made me feel comfortable with my decision. At my second appointment, my first procedure was done. Violeta and her assistant made sure I was comfortable through out the procedure. When she gave me the mirror to see my smile, I immediately broke down. They did an awesome job! You couldn't tell which teeth were worked on. I no longer had to put my hand in front of my mouth to smile. Thank you Violeta and Staff!!!
Jason Reynolds
Jason Reynolds
14:10 08 Feb 19
Dr. Garcia and her staff are on the cutting edge of dentistry, with excellent knowledge of oral health and preventative care. You can even have your cavity “sand-blasted” instead of using the traditional drill method. If it is small enough, it may not require Novocain! Very pleasant people and quick, no nonsense service! She is highly reccomended.
Rolando Delgado
Rolando Delgado
18:54 03 Jan 19
Great staff and nice office. Dr.Garcia did amazing work on my teeth and literally changed my life forever. I used to be self conscious about my teeth and Dr.Garcia changed that in less than 2 days. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for the best dentist in Rochester. The hygienist Vita was really nice as well.
My one year old had a frenectomy and the procedure was so easy and fast. My daughter was doing fantastic and eating that same afternoon. Both my kids love to come to Dr. Garcia-Lepore as well as myself. Great office and an amazing dentist. - Darwin S.

I came to the office on a recommendation because I needed a crown ASAP. She got me in the next morning – even though it was her day off. I had no idea what was possible in dentistry until she showed me. I will never go back to my old dentist. Not only that, but I have a much brighter outlook now. I don’t feel like I’m destined to a life of dental problems. She already showed me a tooth that will need attention soon. Because of the technology she uses, and her skill in using it, I feel like I can prevent the complications which I previously thought were inevitable. I’m excited about the dentist! I never thought I’d say that. - Faith G.

I just spent 3 hours in Ms. Garcias dental chair. I like many others have a dentist phobia. Ms. Violeta Garcia made this process one of the best experiences I have had with a dentist.I avoided dental visits for a long time so of course I have/had many dental “issues”- I am thrilled with my progress and feeling better about my teeth after each visit. I simply love her and how she has worked WITH me to correct my “issues”. She took lotsa time and knew my fears and never lectured me. I am extremely happy I found her. - Rosita R.

Mrs. Garcia-Lepore was awesome, very informative and knowledgeable. Her staff is very friendly and inviting. Great overall experience - D. G.

Dr Violeta Garcia is the Best dentist I have ever had. I had to have a few cavities filled. It was absolutely amazing! She does not have the type of drill that is ear piercing and that makes your whole mouth and head shake when she’s drilling. It was a fantastic experience! Dr. Garcia can take care of all your dental needs. You don’t have to run around to three other specialist to take care of your teeth. What she doesn’t do, her husband does. I almost forgot, she turns on the massage for the chair while working on your teeth. - Kimberly D.

I had some issues for many years and I have to say that doctor Garcia-Lepore fixed my issues with Snap-On Smile and it completely changed my life as it made me so comfortable to smile again.

Her and her staff are second to none. I don’t think that you will meet a more caring group of people in dentistry. They make you feel very warm and welcome and excited about the work that she performs on you and makes you feel like a million dollars. Even if it’s just for stopping in for supplies they make you feel very cared about and feel you have a personal connection with all of them.

If you’re ever thinking about the Snap-on Smile definitely contact her it will change your life also. It is an unbelievable amazing technology. - Hotterod

Dr. V. IS EXCELLENT. She is a special lady and knows her skills. I highly recommend this office. Hygentist is delightful as is office staff. “Family!” - Reid B.

I came to this office with a recommendation from a friend. I needed a dentist FAST! A crown had broken, literally. Not only did they accommodate my needs for a new crown but they made me feel comfortable. (As comfortable as I can get in a dentist’s office.) - Patricia S.

Dr. Garcia is amazing!! She got me in the next day for a painless extraction. Proud to say I have an awesome dentist - Vanessa I.

To start by saying I have a bad fear of dentists. As a kid I was one of those with state insurance and received the kinda horror stories treatment you only hear of. I did my research for over 6 months and made a choice to come here. Dr. Garcia has the most advanced training and state of the are equipment along with the sweetest and most understand dentists I made Garcia my new dentist. I was in the chair for over 3 hours. She worked with my fears and she was so gentle. I started with 1 filling and I ended up doing all 5 in the same visit. She is absolutely amazing. If you are like me and until now hate the dentist, you have to see her. I guarantee you will you’ll change your mind. Thank you Dr. Garcia !!!!!!!!!!! - Tony E.

I was very impressed with everything at Dr. Garcia-Lepore’s office. My son was very nervous about having dental work done, and she was very calm and patient with him, and was able to get the dental work done. She patiently explained what the issues were, and how she planned on treating them. You can tell that she truly cares about her patients. - Daniel S.

God sent me to her because he knew that she was only one that really cared. Before going there, I went to so many dentists and was disappointed and their lack of customer care and professionalism. Now I am so pleased with Violeta and her staff. Many problems that were before ignored have been addressed. Never in my life have I seen a level of professionalism, customer care, and God given skill in her dentistry. If you have dentistry problems, this is the place to go!! - Sumayia I.

I needed to have one of my wisdom teeth removed today and Dr. Garcia took me in right away! They are true artists here. They treated me with respect and empathy!!! They work fast and have the best hours! I am incredibly happy with my experience with Dr. Garcia and all her staff! Thank you!! - Raven P.

I went here because my friend was always telling he how good her denstist was. I did not like my smile so I wanted to do something about it. All it took was one visit for me to know I made the best decision ever!! Staff members were all super nice, and Dr.Garcia was so nice and gentle. Not to mention, she fixed my smile…in just 2 hours I became a completely different person. She does an amazing job and truly cares about the happiness of her patients. Thank you so much Dr. Garcia for my new smile! - Tanisha R.

Dr. Violeta Garcia-Lepore is fantastic; she answers all my questions. I see her on every visit even if it’s just a cleaning. I love the pictures to see before/after and any concerns she raises. - Amy L.

whenever I go to Dr Garcia the people are kind, considerate, helpfull always asking if I am comfortable, if I understand the procedures, they are awesome! I used to not like going to the dentist, now I actualy look forward to going knowing that my teeth are in the best hands possible , and they allways help me plan for a healthy mouth in the future. Dr Garcia is the best dentist I have ever been too and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone, any age! - Margaret P.

Dr. Garcia treated me with a quick dental cleaning recently. Her professionalism, humor, and genuine interest in my oral health is unmatched. Going to the dentist feels more like visiting good friends when I walk in to the office. The staff is courteous and very willing to help. I definitely recommend Dr. Garcia to everyone I know who seeks dental care! - Alex A.

I have been coming to Dr. Violeta Garcia-Lepore’s office for 5 years now, and every visit I’m impressed with all the new technology. Last visit she was able to fill my cavities without using any needles and any pain. I’ve never heard of any dentist offering this service. I would recommend this office to anyone who has a fear of dentists. - Richard A.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Garcia-Lepore and her staff they are always smiling from the time I walk in the door til I leave they’re so friendly and accommodating. I love that I can get work done in 1 visit. It’s so handy having everything on premise to do crowns, mouthguards etc. I’m very fussy about my teeth and I highly recommend her! : ) - Kimberly S.

I love my dentist, Dr Garcia Lepore. She always keeps up with new innovative technology that is available to make sure she provides the best service to her patients. Last year I needed a crown and she was able to do it in one visit without taking impressions. Due to the new technology available at her office I didn’t have to come back. Everything was done in two hours. I was fascinated with the new air abrasion system for painlessly removing cavities with out any needles. My last visit I didn’t have to wait, they are always on time. I had 4 of my teeth worked on and everything was painless. She takes photos of before, during, and after the procedure and walked me through it all after we were done. She is very thorough and makes sure you understand what she will be doing. My previous dentist never did that. Everyone in the office is friendly and caring. I highly recommend Dr Garcia Lepore and her staff. - Vita M.